Workshop Facilitation Team

Karen Brennan

Karen Brennan is an assistant professor at Harvard University in the Graduate School of Education, having completed her PhD at the MIT Media Lab. Her research is primarily concerned with the ways in which learning communities support young people's development as computational creators. More concretely, her work focuses on the Scratch website and Scratch educator community, studying how participation in the Scratch online community and how professional development for educators can support young people as designers of computational media.

Michelle Chung

Michelle Chung has been a member of the ScratchEd Team, working to support educators using Scratch, since 2009. Originally from the Los Angeles area, she received a bachelor's degree in French literature from the University of California in San Diego and a master's degree in educational technology from Harvard. Some of Michelle's interests include: experiential learning, creative storytelling, and critical documentation. When she's not working, you can find her tinkering with new recipes in the kitchen, throwing pots at the ceramics studio, or at a dog park with Ben the Yorkie.

Mary Jo Madda

Mary Jo Madda recently graduated from the Technology, Innovation, and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Following her time at Northwestern University, Mary Jo moved into the world of education as a KIPP science teacher and grade level chair with Teach for America in Houston, TX, and later as a curriculum director and math teacher for a Catholic school in Los Angeles. She has since worked in a number of EdTech environments, including as a research team member for EcoMOBILE, Harvard’s augmented reality STEM project, and as co-founder of an educational media start-up housed at the Harvard i-Lab.

Eric Schilling

Eric Schilling hails from the beautiful shores of Lake Erie in exotic Cleveland, Ohio. He recently completed a master's degree in education technology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Last spring, he graduated from Cleveland State University -- where he spent countless hours tutoring mathematics and English. It was through this experience that he fell in love with education. On the side, he worked for an arts non-profit where he led after-school and summer digital media arts camps for high school students. During his senior year, he moved to Silver Spring, Maryland to work as a production assistant with Discovery Channel.

Ingrid Gustafson

Ingrid Gustafson is an Instructional Technology Specialist in Cambridge Public Schools, Cambridge, MA. She has been using Scratch in public schools, both integrated throughout the school day and in afterschool settings, since 2008. Ingrid has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from the University of Pennsylvania and a masters in Instructional Media and Technology from Teachers College, Columbia University. When not in front of a computer, tablet, or phone screen, Ingrid enjoys coaching the sport of pole vault for the Regis College track and field team. She can also be found running, hiking, or cycling throughout New England.

Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson is a recent graduate from Technology, Innovation, and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has been a part of the ScratchEd team since September doing research on and helping to facilitate the in-person Scratch meetups for educators in the Greater Boston area. Laura is looking forward to learning from and working with the CCOW community.

Kelly Whitney

Kelly Whitney is a researcher, consultant, and developer of children's media and technology. She has a D.Ed. and a M.Ed. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a B.S. from Northwestern University School of Communication. Her current research focus is on preschool families and educational enrichment, in traditional forms and via emerging technologies. She has worked on children and adolescent media and technology projects for Harvard University, MIT, Discovery Communications, and Nickelodeon, among others. Kelly is the mother of a feisty 3-year-old and can be found playing with blocks, legos, or finger paint.