Creative Computing

Creative Computing was a six-week online workshop for educators who want to learn more about using Scratch and supporting computational thinking in the classroom and other learning environments.

The workshop, which was free, began on Monday, June 3 and ended on Friday, July 12. Watch the workshop walkthrough video and check out the FAQ for more information. The workshop was followed by a day-long Symposium hosted at Harvard University on Saturday, July 13.

Creative Computing was designed and facilitated by members of the ScratchEd Team at Harvard University, and was made possible with funding from the CS4HS program at Google.


Workshop Resources

  • Week 1 - Activities

  • Week 2 - Activities

  • Week 3 - Activities

  • Week 4 - Activities

  • Week 5 - Activities

  • Week 6 - Activities

  • CCOW Workshop Projects Showcase

  • CCOW Survey

  • 2013 Cohort Participants